Wild Leaf Brew's Story

Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha officially launched on June 1, 2018. With a vision to be the best, Neil, the owner of Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha, set out to create just that.

The Beginning
Neil traveled the world alongside his girlfriend, Tiffany, Wild Leaf Brew's very own herbalist, on Super yachts for 8+ years and along the way, has tried some of the best Kombucha in the world. The two of them were quickly able to find out what they liked and didn't like. Ideas and what-ifs started forming as he and his girlfriend drank the different varieties of booch.

The Return Home
Upon the return home from their journey, Neil and Tiffany set out to try all the local booch.
Their tastebuds were left wanting more and the what-ifs turned into ideas, plans and recipes. From this, their brewing business was born out of the desire to be delicious and the best!
With over 250 litres brewed, Wild Leaf Brew was ready to launch to South Africa.
You can find Wild Leaf Brew here.
So, are you curious to try Cape Town's best Kombucha? Stop by at the Earth Fair Market and taste Wild Leaf Brew's Kombucha!
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