What’s in our Kombucha, all the natural and good ingredients

Kam-booch-aah? Kom-boogh-ah? Kom-booch-ooh? Kom-booch-ah?
There we go, that last one sounds correct!
Kombucha, the healthy probiotic drink you’ve probably heard about. But what exactly is it?
Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that’s full of probiotics and good bacteria that will do wonders for your gut health. We often get asked what’s inside Kombucha, how do we make it and what do we use to flavour ours?
Let’s start with what’s inside Kombucha and how it’s made:
All Kombucha has four main ingredients.
They are: tea, sugar, water and a SCOBY. The yeast eats the majority of the sugar which produces CO2 and ethanol, the bacteria eats the ethanol and produces the healthy vitamins and nutrients.
When it comes to brewing Kombucha we’ve found that the better the ingredients that you put in, the better the end product will be. For that reason we choose to use a well balanced combination of organic green and black tea.
Vanilla Chai:
We use a mix of spices to create the chai flavour and add in organic vanilla pod for that subtle vanilla sweetness.
Apple Ginger:
Fresh, locally sourced apples and ginger are blended to extract the juices which create a balance between sweet and zingy.
Raspberry Lavender Hibiscus:
Like the apple ginger, we blend the raspberries and use the juice. We then add organic hibiscus and our own grown organic lavender.
Lemon Verbena:
Organic and grown in-house, we only produce as much Lemon Verbena Kombucha as our plants will grow as we definitely don’t want to over-harvest our plants.
Orange Carrot Ginger:
All three ingredients are locally sourced and blended to extract the juices, except the orange which we freshly squeeze by hand.

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