Glass vs plastic: why your favourite Kombucha shouldn’t be the only thing in glass

We chose to use glass bottles for Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha for 2 reasons: firstly it’s more healthy for you and secondly it’s better for the environment.

Now how could glass be more healthy for you, you might ask. Kombucha is a naturally acidic drink that continues to ferment and become more acidic the longer it sits in the bottles. If Kombucha is in contact with plastic for a long period of time it can leech the plastic into it which then becomes part of the drink.
Of course being kept cold in the fridge helps slow the fermentation process down, however that doesn’t change the original PH level of the drink.
At Wild Leaf Brew we use small batch glass jars to brew in, food grade stainless steel tanks to flavour in and put the final product back into glass bottles for you to drink from knowing that there is zero chance of leeching.
“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
We may not be able to make a big impact alone, but the small things we do together can help the environment.
By using glass we’re helping reduce our carbon footprint by using a product that is more easily recyclable, uses less energy to produce once it’s recycled and if the bottle ends up in a place that isn’t the recycle bin they don’t leech bad toxins.
Now we have to ask the question; why stop there? Why stop at only choosing glass for your Kombucha?
Here are some other ideas to help you keep winning with glass:
- Replace the plastic in your kitchen with glass:
Purchase your non-perishable goods such as spices and pasta’s in bulk and store them in glass jars. A great business that offers refillable food products in glass jars is the Zero Waste Store at the Earth Fair Market.
- Reuse our glass bottles:
Turn your empty Kombucha bottle into a water bottle or a flower vase. If you’re feeling more adventurous you could even get a bottle cutter and turn them into drinking glasses.
- Return the bottles to us:
Next time you’re near the Earth Fair Market in Tokai On a Wednesday or Saturday bring us your empty bottles. We’ll reuse them, recycle the lids and give you 10% off of your next purchase.
Win, win, win!

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