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What’s in our Kombucha, all the natural and good ingredients

Kam-booch-aah? Kom-boogh-ah? Kom-booch-ooh? Kom-booch-ah? There we go, that last one sounds correct!   Kombucha, the healthy probiotic drink you’ve probably heard about. But what exactly is it? Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea that’s full of probiotics and good bacteria that will do wonders for your gut health. We often get asked what’s inside Kombucha, how do we make it and what do we use to flavour ours?   Let’s start with what’s inside Kombucha and how it’s made: All Kombucha has four main ingredients. They are: tea, sugar, water and a SCOBY. The yeast eats the majority of the sugar which produces CO2 and ethanol, the bacteria eats the ethanol and produces the healthy vitamins and nutrients. When it...

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Kombucha cocktail: Spiced Rum Vanilla Chai

Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink where the yeast eats the sugar which turns it into ethanol and carbon dioxide. The bacteria in the Kombucha eats the ethanol turning that into the healthy vitamins. Because of this process, Kombucha naturally contains trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5% ABV), making it pretty much impossible to get drunk from it. However if you would like to add a kick to your Kombucha we’ve concocted a delicious Kombucha cocktail recipe for you to try at home:   Ingredients: 1 250ml bottle of Wild Leaf Brew Vanilla Chai Kombucha 1 shot of your favourite spiced rum Juice of half an orange Grated nutmeg Ice Optional garnishing: cinnamon stick or orange slice   Directions:...

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Glass vs plastic: why your favourite Kombucha shouldn’t be the only thing in glass

We chose to use glass bottles for Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha for 2 reasons: firstly it’s more healthy for you and secondly it’s better for the environment. Now how could glass be more healthy for you, you might ask. Kombucha is a naturally acidic drink that continues to ferment and become more acidic the longer it sits in the bottles. If Kombucha is in contact with plastic for a long period of time it can leech the plastic into it which then becomes part of the drink.   Of course being kept cold in the fridge helps slow the fermentation process down, however that doesn’t change the original PH level of the drink. At Wild Leaf Brew we use small...

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Wild Leaf Brew's Story

Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha officially launched on June 1, 2018. With a vision to be the best, Neil, the owner of Wild Leaf Brew Kombucha, set out to create just that. The Beginning Neil traveled the world alongside his girlfriend, Tiffany, Wild Leaf Brew's very own herbalist, on Super yachts for 8+ years and along the way, has tried some of the best Kombucha in the world. The two of them were quickly able to find out what they liked and didn't like. Ideas and what-ifs started forming as he and his girlfriend drank the different varieties of booch. The Return Home Upon the return home from their journey, Neil and Tiffany set out to try all the local booch....

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