Raspberry lavender hibiscus kombucha

We believe that everyone has the right
to great tasting kombucha

Our delicious flavours

Apple ginger kombucha

Apple Ginger

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Raspberry Lavender Hibiscus

Lime cucumber mint kombucha

Lime Cucumber Mint

Vanilla chai kombucha

Vanilla Chai

What is kombucha

A sparkling probiotic tea

Filled with healthy nutrients that naturally occur through a careful and patient process.

grocery Ingredients
A culture (called the SCOBY) is added to a sweet tea which is then left at a controlled temperature to ferment and turn into tasty kombucha.
water_drop Fermentation
During this fermentation process healthy bacteria and probiotics are created. Most of the sugar is consumed by the yeast and the end result is a probiotic, low sugar drink.
nutrition Flavouring
All of Wild Leaf Kombucha is flavoured using natural ingredients. Some brands choose to use concentrated flavouring and extracts but we believe that the natural way is the best way.
Kombucha ingredients
Kombucha ingredients Apples for kombucha Glass bottles for kombucha Wild Leaf Brew kombucha flavours

No shortcuts. Only the best brew for you

We started it right. By doing it right from the start.

Fresh, local ingredients
Because why would we not want to use what our beautiful country has to offer?
Brewed in small batches
To ensure consistent flavour, carbonation and quality
Bottled in glass
Brewed in 304 grade stainless steel, bottled in glass. To prevent plastic leeching due to the naturally high acidity level of kombucha
Made with patience and care
To guarantee you have the healthiest and best tasting kombucha
The best ingredients
Chosen carefully not only for their amazing taste but also for the great benefits for the body
Healthy, happy SCOBY
A well balanced mix of loose leaf green and black tea ensures that the SCOBY is alway strong

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